Frequently Asked

How can I upgrade my plan?

1. Log into the Enderpay admin panel ( 2. Using the sidebar click View Plans. 3. Select your plan and click Subscribe to plan. 4. Pay for your plan using the checkout. 5. You will be emailed a receipt to confirm your subscription. Once your plan has been activated you will notice the plan name appear at the top of the page with a green star.

How can I cancel my plan?

1. Log into the Enderpay admin panel ( 2. Click on your plan name up the top of the screen (it has a green star beside it) 3. You will be redirected to the billing portal where you can click the cancel button. 4. If you have not reached the end of the billing period but have cancelled your plan, it will cancel at the end of the period.

Are commands delivered instantly? Even on the FREE plan?

Yes. Our systems are designed in such a way that your Spigot servers share a persistent connection with our platform. When a payment is created on your webstore your servers running our Spigot plugin will be notified and they will poll for new commands. If for some reason this does not occur immediately, your server will still poll for commands every 4-6 minutes.

Why isnt my webstore checkout working properly?

When configuring payment gateways you must make sure that they are properly configured in order for payments to process flawlessly. You can find information about how to integrate your chosen payment gateway on our knowledge base. (

I've just wiped my server, how can I re-run specific commands?

When adding commands to packages or the global command list there is a TAG option. The TAG option allows you to essentially name your commands. If at some point you wish to re-run specific commands you can visit the Command Queue page and mark all commands with the specified TAG as pending.

Why does it say that I'm not allowed to add a package to my cart when using the store?

Your customers will get this message when they attempt to add a package to their cart but are unable to due to your package configuration. If a customer is getting this message it is likely because you have specified a package quantity, required packages, or a package limit. This message can also occur if your package category has cumulation or a single package limit enabled.